About us...

About four years ago we experienced our first true animal rescue. We were walking one of our dogs and came across a man holding the tiniest kitten we had ever seen. As we walked closer to the man, we saw that the kitten was bleeding and in very bad shape. We believe the kitten was either hit by a car or thrown from a car. The man did not know what to do with the tiny tuxedo kitty who was clinging onto his life.

Without thought, we offered to take the kitten to the nearest animal hospital. The vet examined the kitten and warned that he may not survive. We offered to pay for any medications or procedures he may need overnight. The next day we received a call that the kitten had survived, but he had brain swelling, a broken jaw and a badly damaged front leg that would need to be amputated. We agreed to pay for his surgeries and to keep him as our own. It was the most positive and fulfilling experience to be able to give this tiny creature a second chance at life. We named him Sammy. He grew up to be a healthy tri-pawed kitty, full of personality and sass. This rewarding experience inspired us to fully realize our dream of opening our very own animal rescue. We hope you will consider joining us in our efforts to continue helping our four or, three-legged, friends who are in the most need of extra love and care!

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